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-- General George S. Patton

April 10, 2004

New Blogger, New Ideas.

Every time a new blog is built, it brings to us a new voice, a new perspective, and a new person to badger for links.

Today, such a thing has happened.

Here is your new blog, SlagleRock. Enjoy it. Play with it. You can't hurt it, because I've backed up all your templates.

If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask. It's easy and you'll pick it up quickly. Trust me, even Delfts has figured this out and even taught me a new thing on it. Many of the people you will encounter online are familiar with Moveable Type and will be happy to help you, too.

Have fun. Have at it. See you in the room!


Posted by Mamamontezz at April 10, 2004 07:55 PM

Very nice comments you guys have here, congratulations and thanks to allowing my post...

Posted by: Phendimetrazine at April 15, 2005 01:49 PM
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