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June 26, 2004

In The News (Great Links From A Loyal Reader)

Below in bold you'll find some information and links provided by one of my best readers, Jack.

Keep up the good work.


Here's some light reading about our "friends" the Saudi's

Moments Before the Execution
Mahmood Ahmad, Arab News staff§ion=0&article=23428&d=8&m=3&y=2003

A Christian ex-pat Indian national, was arrested by the Muttawa (religious
police) on the streets of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Carey speech on Islam in full
Address given by Lord Carey of Clifton at the Gregorian University, Rome,
on Thursday, March 25 in which he criticised Islamic culture and regimes

Saudi police 'stopped' fire rescue and contributed to the death of 15 school girls

Reforms to Suit Saudi Needs
Abdul Wahab Bashir, Arab News

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Very nice comments you guys have here, congratulations and thanks to allowing my post...

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