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April 29, 2004

Quote of the Day

"Any community's arm of force--military, police, or security--needs people in it who can do necessary evil and yet not be made evil by it. To do only what is necessary and no more. To constantly question assumptions, to stop the slide into atrocity." --Lois McMaster Bujold--

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Army Spec. Theresa Lynn Flannery Is More Of A Soldier Than Hinzman Or Hughey Could Ever Be

Former Miss Teen Madison County shows that at only 5 feet 3 inches tall she is more of a soldier than Private First Class Jeremy Hinzman or Private Brandon Hughey could ever be.

26-Year-old Army Specialist Theresa Lynn Flannery is being recommended for the Bronze Star with Valor device for her actions during a two-hour firefight near Najaf, Iraq. She threw herself into the battle at Najaf earlier this month. She shot back at the enemy, then used her combat lifesaving training to treat her wounded buddies. On one occasion she was forced to dive for cover and broke her wrist in the process. Despite the pain she continued to fight back. Even the bullets from an Iraqi sniper couldn’t slow this “fireball” according to her mother.

My hat is off to you SPC Flannery and all those who fought alongside of you.

Recent Americans turned traitorous pansies, PFC Hinzman and PVT Hughey could learn allot from SPC Flannery. She is a true patriot, a real American.

I would love to know what Hinzman and Hughey think about a tiny woman (apparently only in stature) doing the job that they ran away from.

HUA SPC Flannery

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April 27, 2004

Deserters (Chickenshits) from US Army are running to Canada

I am having a serious internal moral dilemma in writing this. I am so disgusted by the actions of two U.S. Army personnel (notice I will not refer to these two as soldiers as they simply do not deserve the title, Pat Tillman was a Soldier) that I needed to vent. On the other hand, I didn't want to give these two Clinton-like wussies more publicity.

After conducting a search of the web I decided that it would be more beneficial for me personally to express my feelings and thoughts on their misguided actions, as all of the bleeding hearts (especially in Canada) will provide them all the press they need anyway.

The desertion started in January of this year as Jeremy Hinzman, 25, a private first class with the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne, arrived in Toronto on January 3 with his wife, Nga Nguyen, and their 21-month-old son, Liam. This desertion was followed with a second puss out when 18-year-old private Brandon Hughey left Fort Hood, TX for Canada in March. Although separate instances (as far as I know) both Hinzman and Hughey have one more thing in common, they are both cowards. They gave up all rights as Americans (in my opinion) when they decided to flee to Canada. That's right I said flee, these two are running scared. Afraid of being the men they signed up to be.

There are proper avenues a person can take if they have moral heartache with participating in a military action. There have been many, probably hundreds or thousands of people that have openly expressed their conscientious objection to a conflict. These conscientious objectors (CO) have proper channels they can go through that will not mean the end of their career or bring discredit upon themselves, their unit or this great nation.

I know of two people who requested not to deploy to Iraq and/or Afghanistan for personal reasons. Both are still proudly serving their country in support roles. Both have deployed in other situations. One served a full year in Bosnia. They didn’t run from their responsibilities in fear. They served when and where they could. Comparing Hinzman and Hughey to a true CO is a cop out.

If a person decides that they are a CO to a specific conflict, action or the military in general there are ways they can avoid deploying or get out if that is what is necessary. Instead of taking the cowardly avenue that both Hughey and Hinzman have chosen.

One point that certain media outlets have chosen to highlight is Hinzman is married and has a child. I am sure trying to pinpoint this fact as a valid motivation. Well boo freakin’ hoo hoo. I am married, I am a father, and soon I will have a second child. While I love my family more than anything in the world I would never run scared like a coward to avoid doing my duty. I have deployed on numerous occasions. Most recently I was deployed as part of Iraq Freedom. I desperately missed my family, but I knew how important I was to the war effort.

To me these two boys (certainly not men) must have joined the Army for all of the wrong reasons. As it unfolds I am sure there will be no mention of patriotism or a need to give something back. These two most likely joined for the bonus (cash paid to certain enlistee's) or "to get an education". Now that they have discovered that the military is serious and not the girl scouts they have chickened out.

I have had to restrain my need to "sling mud" as I am a true patriot; I am an Airman to the core. I have done my part for 9.5 years and I will continue to do my part until I am no longer able (be it death or forced retirement).

To Hughey and Hinzman I say this. Return to your units. Face the music. Be men and not cowards. Stand up, admit your mistakes and don’t take the Clinton way out!

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April 26, 2004

Senator John Kerry to star in Liar Liar Part 2

Assume for a moment that I haven't yet decided who I am going to vote for this election. Lets say (hypothetically of course) that I have discovered that many of my views best align with the Democratic Party. I start watching the news like the rest of America. Like most I already know G.W. so I start to see what Kerry is all about.

As I watch all of the usual sources CNN, Fox News, and Local News etc. I soon discover that Senator Kerry is not presidential material he is better suited to play some lying ass clown sidekick to Jim Carrey in the next Liar Liar movie.

Most recent lie. The status of his war medals. Of course to hear Kerry tell it, he is a true war hero.

Early on Kerry gloated and "threw" his medals in the Presidents face. He has made snide remarks about the president’s service record. My question is if Kerry knew all of the things he said in the 70's how did he expect to keep them from surfacing. Kerry is a liar of the worst type. I think he is even worse that Slick Willy. His constant need to belch lies to the American people may be his downfall.

The rumor began to circulate that Kerry faked injuries to accumulate enough purple hearts to go home early. A Texas man has said on more than one occasion that Kerry was a liar not a hero. Now a videotape from 1971 has surfaced in which Kerry states, that he, "Gave back, I can't remember, six, seven, eight, nine medals."

Gave back? Gave back? What the hell kind of statement is that? I hold every single medal or ribbon that I have received close to my heart. If anyone wants my medals they will have to pry them out of my cold dead hands!

Senator Kerry you are a liar of the worst type! Your election to office would certainly drive many good troops out of the service. Do us all a favor and step down.

George Bush is the better man. You know it. I know it. The US knows it (see recent polls)

A vote for Kerry is a vote for tyranny. Kerry would remove all of the things that are in place to keep this nation safe.

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Woo Hoo I Hit 500

At exactly 1530 hrs (Pacific), on Monday the 26th of April, I had my 500th visitor!!! I realize this is small, but it is a start!

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April 24, 2004

Talks Of Military Draft Reinstitution

Recently there has been much talk about brining back the military draft. Some argue that the heavy commitments in the Middle East (war with Iraq and Afghanistan) along with our support of NATO commitments such as Bosnia, Korea and others that a return to the draft is imminent.

Take a look at Yahoo News and you will see there are as many different opinions about the draft as there are any other political topic.

I personally tend to agree with Defense Secretary Rumsfeld.

Many from the President on down the military chain of command have stated on numerous occasions that our all-volunteer military is the best in the world. This makes perfect sense. An all-volunteer force is bound to be far more effective than a force that is largely made up of people who don't want to be there. Look how well the draft worked in Vietnam.

From the inside. Currently the Air Force is cutting several thousand people from its numbers. That's right they are downsizing. This downsizing is taking place across the board. I know of two people, personally, that have been granted an early out from "critically manned" career fields. One is a Combat Arms Instructor, like myself and the other is a Security Forces member. If we are downsizing internally, why is there talk of a draft. This doesn't make sense does it?

I personally think that all able bodied people who are physically fit enough to do the job should serve in some way, but I also believe that it should be the individuals choice. A draft would only brew bad blood. Are we ready to have a military similar to that of the Vietnam Era? Now, before any Vets get angry, I salute you. I am simply referring to the large number of troops that were more of a burden than a help.

A draft should clearly be a last resort, and I think it should only occur if we fight a war on our own soil!

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April 23, 2004

Former NFL Safety Is Killed in Afghanistan and Liberal Pukes Dirty His Good Name

Brave American sacrifices friends, family, fame and fortune in defense of this great nation.

On 23 Apr it was reported that former NFL Safety Pat Tillman was killed in Afghanistan. Tillman left his multimillion-dollar NFL career and joined the Army Rangers in 2002. Friends and family said he "needed to pay something back". Like many true Americans the events of 9/11 hit Tillman hard. Instead of sitting idly by Tillman did something about it. He served bravely in both Iraq and Afghanistan until his death in April '04. While Americans should pay tribute to all who serve, Pat Tillmans case is extraordinary. He gave up millions of dollars (3.6 million for 3 years) for the paltry pay of a soldier.

Some dickheads (for a lack of a better title) at the Portland Independent Media center (please notice that I did not provide a link, please read on) have chosen to slander his good name. They took an article from the Washington post, and not so cleverly re-titled it "Dumb Jock Killed in Afghanistan". Who are these ass holes that waste their freedom of speech on bashing the very people who provide that freedom?

Being the vocal American and Airman that I am I have made numerous attempts to post a comment on their site. In my endeavors I discovered that since I am a military Blogger they have blocked my IP address from posting comments. Chickenshits!! Not only are they afraid to serve they are also afraid to allow those who do the place to share their opinions. I ask all who read this to please visit their site (oh how it pains me to send traffic their way) and tell them exactly how you feel. Since I did not provide a link, as your efforts would be in vain, if you accesed there site from mine I instead ask everyone in the real world to go to this address(please cut and paste or type in your browser):

Tell these chickenshit, worthless, waste of flesh, pussy, bleeding heart, sons of bitches just exactly how you feel. Please take a moment to let these media whores know exactly what true patriots think of the filth they spew and what we all think of Pat Tillman and all who serve.

--Bless the troops

--Bless Pat Tillman

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April 22, 2004

Baathist's Back In Power In Iraq

According to the White House confirmed Thursday that the administration is moving to change a postwar policy that blocked members of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party from Iraqi government and military positions. Is this a smart move?

Many of these people are the very same people who executed the insane orders of Saddam. The initial stance of the Bush administration was to ban all former Baath party members from the post war government.

I think the screening process for former Baathists will have to be exhaustive. Hopefully anyone in Saddams former regime that will be considered will be those people who were forced into their positions within the party because of their education or experienceand not those people who agreed with the insane administration.

I think this change in policy could be good for settling Iraq. The former Baathist party which was mostly Sunni Muslims would give a “balance of power” so that the Sunni in Iraq wouldn’t feel as if they weren’t being represented. It may be necessary to get all Iraqi people on board with the post Iraq reconstruction.

On the flip side, it is all too possible the extremists who agreed with the Hussein regime could be put back into positions of power.

Like most things in the war on terror only time will tell. I tend to be skeptical of this policy change. However, I also know that the Bush administration has done extremely well in dealing with post war Iraq.

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April 20, 2004

Saddam Will Get His

Saddam Hussein’s time is running out. Soon the world may have closure for the evil deeds committed by Sodomy Hussein and his Baathist regime. Iraqi leaders have set up a tribunal of judges and prosecutors to try ousted dictator Saddam Hussein and other members of his Baathist regime. The tribunal will be headed by Salem Chalabi, a U.S.-educated lawyer and nephew of the head of the Iraqi National Congress. He has appointed a panel of seven judges and four prosecutors. Together with a 2004-2005 budget of $75 million they will charge and punish the former dictator.

My sole disappointment in this is knowing that even with a budget of $75 million and a well trained legal team Saddam will likely not face the death penalty. The newly adopted constitution in Iraq has made the death penalty illegal. I know that Saddam will likely never see the light of day, but it is disheartening to know that he will also probably have the opportunity to live the rest of his life (even if it is in captivity).

I would love to see Saddam get what he so richly deserves. In a perfect world he would be sentenced to repeated public ass raping (one for every rape that occurred in his name). I also think that he should spend the rest of his living days being led from hut to hut so that the Iraqi people can tell him how they really “feel”. There are a million more torturous punishments that he should endure. But then, maybe that is why I am not in charge of this tribunal.


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Kim Jong (mentally) Il

Don't forget or underestimate North Korea. With a psychotic leader like Kim Jong (mentally) Il, North Korea is very much a risk. With recent events in Iraq, North Korea has seemingly slipped under the radar. Is that our next focus? Should the US rap things up in the Middle East and then take a breather? I think not. I just spent eight and a half months in the ME and I am ready to do the same in Korea if that is what needs to happen...

While I was stationed in Japan, North Korea "tested" a ballistic missile by launching it over Japan. Luckily the US was there to calm the Japanese. They were heated. The Japanese government was hot!

Understand that like many Middle Eastern countries, North Korea is far behind the power curve. They are a starving nation with nuclear capabilities. They have repeatedly denied the requests of the world community to disarm. What will be the next step with N. Korea? I don't know. I hope it can be a peaceful disarming, but only time will tell.

Keep North Korea on the Radar and never underestimate the mad man that is that nation’s leader

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April 19, 2004

That's Quite Enough

It has become great sport for certain readers of blogs to single out military personnel who are currently deployed, and subject them to all manner of harassment in their comments. Some of it has been obscene, some merely idiotic, but more distressing is the use of comments as a means to belittle, castigate, and "spit" on a soldier electronically.

Most of these commenters use nonexistent email addresses or misdirected email addresses to protect themselves and their mailboxes, and appear savvy enough to work around attempts at banning when IP banning is even an option. Sadly, the majority of active military bloggers use "free blogging hosts" which do not allow for IP banning, forcing them to either endure this abuse, turn off their comments, or quit blogging altogether.

It can't be said enough that America needs to stand by our troops. It doesn't matter if you believe in the cause or not. At a bear minimum all Americans should believe in the troops that fight for all our freedoms! We are your friends, your brothers, your family and your neighbors.

Please click on Mamamontezz's link to continue reading this post written by the great patriot, my Auntie and all around red blooded American Mamamontezz.

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April 18, 2004

11 More US Troops Dead, Total Reaches 700

Eleven U.S. troops have died from combat wounds in Iraq over the weekend, the U.S. military announced today, according to CNN. Since the start of the war, 700 Americans have been killed. 700 of my brethren have given there lives in the war on terror and the pursuit of freedom.

While a single loss is too many we do need to keep in mind what we are doing and how much more efficient we have become. 700 is a tiny number in comparison to the number of troops that have served in the Middle East since the start of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

I am not here to say that 700 lives are acceptable. In fact, I am here to pay tribute to those 700 brave men and women who have sacrificed there lives.

I think that Americans need to stop protesting our actions in the Middle east and using American casualties as their excuse. If you look at past conflicts such as Vietnam and Korea or further back at WWII or the Great War in which we lost tens of thousands of troops and in some cases we didn't reach our objective. In Iraq we managed to free an oppressed people, help eliminate one more possible source of terrorism and WMD.

Americans need to help the troops stay focused. Americans need to stay strong and show that we are not a wishy-washy people. If we look at the events in other countries we need to learn from them and remember that we are Americans.

Look at Spain for example. Their new prime minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, announced he will withdraw Spanish troops from Iraq "in the shortest time possible." This statement is what won him an election. After the attack in Spain on 3/11 his political focus was to get Spain out of Iraq. It got him elected, but it also got him labeled. Like many other nations, Spain will now be known as a nation of sissies.

Unlike other nations of the world, we are not quitters. Casualties, though sad and often gruesome, are a fact of war. WE ARE AT WAR. Why can't the American people realize this?

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April 16, 2004

One U.S. Soldier Missing One Held Captive

I just wanted to take a moment to express my concern for two missing American soldiers and say that PFC Keith Maupin and Sgt Elmer Krauseare are in my thoughts. Anytime one of my comrades in arms is taken captive it hits home hard. Many Americans don't even notice these events are taking place unless it is someone they know. All of the armed forces are my brothers and sisters. Please keep these men in your thoughts and always remember that their sacrifice is so that all Americans can enjoy the rich/safe lives we have. If you are interested in more information about these two brave men check

My heart goes out to you PFC Maupin and Sgt Krauseare

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April 15, 2004

Bin Laden for Peace?!?

Who is Usama Bin Laden to try and broker a peace agreement with the governments of Europe?

First I'd like to say to Bin Laden that you are not a government representative. You do not represent any worth while group of people. And while in your own mind I am sure you are a ruler of something, you are nothing more than a terrorist who has ordered the killing of thousands of innocent people in many countries simply because you fear peace, change and freedom.

No hand of peace will ever be extended to you or your kind. The brave men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces and our allies will not rest until you are killed or captured. We would all prefer the latter of the two.

My wish is for peace in this world but not for you. My wish for you, Usama, is a slow and torturous death. You deserve to have your entrails burnt from the inside out. You deserve the pain of a thousand rapes. I will not be happy with your capture or your demise unless it is the death you deserve.

I will not be happy until you suffer a wound for every American who died that September day. I will not be happy until you suffer a wound for every Spaniard who lost their life on March 11th. I will not be happy until you suffer a wound for every young mind that you polluted and brainwashed into joining your hopeless cause. I will not be happy until you bleed from every organ and every orifice of your body. I only hope that you can handle the pain long enough to truly get what you deserve.

That day will come Bin Laden, and whether it is the US or that of some other nation. You will get your due. Mr. Bin Laden, you are a dead man walking.

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Support the Commander in Chief

President Bush is a great commander in chief and has done great things for this country. He has been the best commander in chief that I have had the privilege of working for.

During Slick Willies presidency I had serious reservations about re-enlisting and making a career out of the Air Force. After President Bush took office it was clear that he was the president that the armed forces so desperately needed to repair the damage done by the Clit-on era. While I have deployed twice during President Bush's tenure and I have spent more than a year away from my family I have re-enlisted and I will make a career of the Air Force. Despite the increased deployments since 9/11 the quality of life in the military has raised ten fold...

...Throughout my career I have been part of many presidential details. I've shaken hands with, both Clinton and Gore (needless to say I almost scrubbed the flesh off of my hands afterwards), I have had the pleasure of speaking to Gen. Colin Powell, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Gen. Tommy Franks, I met Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf (guest speaker at a military event) and above all I have spoken face to face with George W. Bush on two separate occasions, once at Travis AFB in CA and once in the Middle East.

Now having been face to face with these people I offer you a comparison. All three times that I worked near the former president Clit-on, he rushed from his limo to the podium and back again. He barely acknowledged the troops around him. He failed to return salutes. (It is optional for him to return the salute, but it burned the troops every time he failed to.)

George Bush on the other hand works the crowd. In CA after he spoke (shortly after 9/11) he spent nearly two hours shaking hands with the troops and speaking to everyone he could. He spoke to everyone from our commanding General all the way down the lowest ranking Airman Basic.

Can we afford another Dumbocrat that can't even acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the troops?

George bush is not only the best president for our troops he is clearly the best president for our nation’s defense.

In recent ads presidential wannabe, Senator John "Scary" Kerry, has questioned President Bush's military service. How can you question the service of the "highest ranking" member of the armed forces. I have respect for John Kerry's military record as I respect all Servicemen and women. However, until you have been the commander in chief how in the hell can you question the military record of the commander in chief.

George bush is a people’s president. He is also a true American. He is not afraid to speak his mind. He is honest, and he is not afraid to act. The actions following 9/11 have been called reactive by the Dumbocrats. I say they were pro-active. By freeing both Afghanistan and Iraq from there oppressive rulers we have shown the world that we will act to prevent acts against humanity. We will act to prevent terrorism, and we will dedicate the time, money, troops and effort needed to get the job done.

Show your support for President Bush. Visit Blogs for Bush and check out their patriotic downloads to show support for this great president

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April 14, 2004

Quote of the Day

"It is like a finger pointing away to the moon, do not concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory" -- Bruce Lee

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Stressed Out???

Need a little stress relief? Click here and try your hand at a little penguin pummeling.

Penguin Baseball

Just imagine that it is your boss, John Kerry, Andy Rooney or any other ass hole you'd like to smack the shit out of.

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April 13, 2004

Welcome to the Slaughter House

Welcome to SlagleRocks Slaughterhouse. Here is a glimpse into the mind of a patriot, father, Airman and a damn proud American. I invite you to share your thoughts with me on all of the tough issues of the day.

You will find everything from personal essays to quotes, jokes, poems, political commentary and a whole myriad of things that I feel the need to rant about. While I know I can't get all of the blue haired old women who drive 35 on the freeway off the roads, I sure can bitch about them. I may not be able to stop the bleeding heart liberals from whining everytime they get two minutes on television, but I can tell the world what I think of them.

Please read my entries and comment on whatever you wish. I invite all opinions and am a firm believer in freedom of expression. Just beware if it is your expression I don't agree with, you will feel the wrath in SlagleRock's Slaughterhouse.

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April 12, 2004

CNN (a.k.a. - The Communist News Network)

Everyday people all over the world rely on the Cable News Network (CNN) to provide them with information on what is going on. From homeland security issues to terrorist attacks in the middle east. Many consider the Communist News Network (CNN) as a reliable and accurate source of factual information. While I do feel that they report the truth (for the most part) I also feel that they too are becoming biased and far to liberal...

... I remember a time when I had great respect for CNN. But my opinion has shifted. While I was deployed for Operation IRAQI FREEDOM I too relied on CNN for updates on the events surrounding me.

It was good for visual information such as maps, people, places and events but following the bulk of the conflict the focus quickly shifted to the "innocent civilians". CNN appeared to make it a point to show a much larger quantity of footage of Non-Combatans such as the bombed out mosques (failing to report that it housed Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA). They would show "schools" that were struck by cruise missiles and show the picture of the little boy who lost a leg. However, they always seemed to conveniently cut out before they could mention that hiding inside were numerous Fedayeen fighters. Lets not forget that the Iraqi cowards hid behind their children and their women. These are the same people who would fake surrender and then try to attack the troops who were accepting their surrender.

Now, before anyone labels me heartless, or a war monger let me set the record straight. I feel sorry for the true innocents who are caught in the ugliness of war. However, if it is a necessary casualty to prevent the loss of American lives then it is something I can live with.

It is because of the bleeding heart liberals in the media that it has now become fashionable to protest the war. While patriotism is at an all time high, so is the trend to look down upon the defenders of this nation. CNN, I challenge you to return to your roots. It is possible to report without bias, all while keeping in mind that you are an American company. I know where I came from do the employees of CNN?

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Pro Troops, not Pro War (Bullshit!)

A few days ago I read an essay on Mamamontezz's blog city site that rekindled a flame of distaste. As you will all learn, I am an Airman. A SSgt by rank a Combat Arms Instructor by profession and always an Airman at heart. I am very proud of my service and all of the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and my fellow Airman that I call brother or sister.

Now, the question I pose is how can a person claim to be against the war, but support the troops? How can you support a person when you denounce all that they stand for.

Everyday you see or hear of another protest of our involvement in the war on terrorism and the liberation of Iraq. While their frequency is dictated by the eb and flow of casualties in the middle east (because most Americans are wishey-washey) the rhetoric has become the same. The anti-war protests have become a trend that started shortly after the average american lost interest in our actions in Afghanistan. While the initial patriotism post 9/11 was astounding it fleeted. Many Americans seem to have forgotten the countless lives that were lost to a senseless act of terrorism on that September day.

Many Americans (and others abroud) frequently protest the war. What these protestors fail to realize is that they lack all credibility in their efforts. How can you protest the actions of war, but try and save face by claiming to support the troops? Don't run your mouth if you can't stand by your own convictions. These protests do far more bad than good. A public tear is not going to change the fact that we handed Saddam his ass in only three weeks. A public tear will not bring back the 300 plus Americans who have died in Iraq so that those people can have a better life and so that we have less to worry about in the realm of State Supported Terrorism. A wasted tear and a protest sign won't bring back the 343 firefighters who died on 9/11. Nor will it bring back the thousands of Americans who thought they were just going to work like any other day.

It is very difficult for many who do not have family in the service, or whom have never served themselves to understand just how important it is to the troops to know that they are supported. Morale can win or lose wars just as quickly as superior technology or numbers. Most war fighters are just like anyone else. They need the pat on the back when they have done good. They need to know that the very people they protect support and appreciate them. The difference between the warfighters and the protestors is not opportinity or wealth. The difference is that some have chosen a life of service. All branches of service are filled with people from all walks of life. In fact todays Air Force is better educated than most civilians ever will be. We have decided to set aside fame or fortune to defend the Constitution of the United States and the freedoms that allow arrogant spoiled youth to protest the actions of our troops as set forth by our federal government and commander in chief.

To the protestors I say, stop the protests, stop cowering behind your signs and stop whining about something that you can't influence. The only ones who will ever affect the outcome of any war are those who brave the combat and those who support their efforts. I invite all opinions, beliefs and interests on the subject, but be forwarned if you are that protestor and we meet in public you will see that I am the better man.

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April 11, 2004

The Ballade Of The Automobile

Ellis Parker Butler

When our yacht sails seaward on steady keel
And the wind is moist with breath of brine
And our laughter tells of our perfect weal,
We may carol the praises of ruby wine;
But if, automobiling, my woes combine
And fuel gives out in my road-machine
And it's sixteen miles to that home of mine--
Then ho! For a gallon of gasoline!

When our coach rides smoothly on iron-shod wheel
With a deft touch guiding each taut drawn line
And the inn ahead holds a royal meal,
We may carol the praises of ruby wine;
But when, on some long and steep incline,
In a manner entirely unforeseen
The motor stops with a last sad whine--
Then ho! For a gallon of gasoline!

When the air is crisp and the brooks congeal
And our sleigh glides on with a speed divine
While the gay bells echo with peal on peal,
We may carol the praises of ruby wine;
But when, with perverseness most condign,
In the same harsh snowstorm, cold and keen,
My auto stops at the six-mile sign--
Then ho! For a gallon of gasoline!


When yacht or Coach Club fellows dine
We may carol the praises of ruby wine;
But when Automobile Clubmen convene
Then ho! For a gallon of gasoline!

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April 10, 2004

New Blogger, New Ideas.

Every time a new blog is built, it brings to us a new voice, a new perspective, and a new person to badger for links.

Today, such a thing has happened.

Here is your new blog, SlagleRock. Enjoy it. Play with it. You can't hurt it, because I've backed up all your templates.

If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask. It's easy and you'll pick it up quickly. Trust me, even Delfts has figured this out and even taught me a new thing on it. Many of the people you will encounter online are familiar with Moveable Type and will be happy to help you, too.

Have fun. Have at it. See you in the room!


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